Wednesday 12 June 2013


There was a treasure trove of eighties 'stuff' up-for-grabs in EAGLE in October 1985, as the first cover below shows.  All lovingly rendered by some poor unfortunate (uncredited) artist.  Many of which (I think) had been prizes in previous competitions, suggesting the IPC powers-that-be had been stashing away a few extras.

And - btw - Disney's lawyers really should have sued the designers of that robot.

For some reason (and I only spotted this when uploading the covers this morning), I'm missing the issue dated 19 October 1985.  I assume it was published so I've either misfiled it or I don't own a copy.  I'll try and do something about that at some point.  Sorry!

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  1. Here's the cover to 187

    I'll sort all those other covers out for you soon!


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