Thursday 25 July 2013


This is another oddity from the MARVEL UK vaults: an A4 hardback compilation of the first parts of THE PUNISHER five-part US limited series published in late 1985/ early 1986 (all with 1986 cover dates).

Despite being labelled as "Book One", I've never seen a second edition... leaving the storyline unresolved (fortunately Marvel have reprinted it plenty of other times, including in the early issues of Marvel UK's own Punisher weekly).

The format was the same as the COMPLETE WORKS (something of a misnomer as they weren't complete at all) reprints of THE TRANSFORMERS, THE GET ALONG GANG and THE CARE BEARS.

The book was published in February 1987 and clearly aimed at the North American, as well as home, market.


  1. I found this book yesterday. Do you have any idea what its worth?

    1. Hi there.

      I don't do values but I wouldn't have thought it was particularly valuable. It's fairly obscure (unless there is a warehouse packed full of them somewhere) but, because its all reprint (and the story it reprints is hardly difficult to track down in other formats) I doubt there is much demand. Ironically, it might be M-UK collectors like me who are more willing to buy - as a curio - than mainstream collators.

      Have a look on ebay and see if anyone is selling.

      Good luck!

  2. It fetches high prices. Its a rarity and many of these UK annuals/specials go for high prices on ebay. One listing had this priced at over $300.


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