Tuesday 30 July 2013


Just a heads-up that those mighty fine purveyors of cult TV and film NETWORK are having a 40% OFF EVERYTHING SUMMER SALE for the next couple of days.

It's worth taking time to really browse their website as it's packed full of obscure TV from decades past, including 100s of things that you never dreamed you would ever see again.

And - because its Network - they actually care about what they're releasing and many - but by no means all - come with nice extras.

A lot of their releases are very - ahem - niche so they often never surface in (the few remaining) HMV's so, just because you've never seen it on the shelves, don't assume that long-lost favourite HASN'T been released.

They also do exclusive soundtrack CDs and some lovely blu ray releases.

Fans of the ITC action series will find themselves in TV heaven.

I've ordered from them plenty of times in the past and their service is always excellent.  I've placed a couple of different orders this time around and - although I've not received them yet (give them time!) - they did seem to confirm shipping very fast.

Their website is here.

Happy shopping - but be quick!

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