Wednesday 4 February 2015


From 1977: the one-and-only (to date) CAPTAIN BRITAIN ANNUAL.  

This UK hardback reprinted the strips from the first few issues of the 1976-77 weekly and would have gone on sale a couple of months after the comic itself had shuttered, in the summer of '77, after only thirty-nine issues.  As is normal practice for British annuals, the cover date (if included at all) references to the year ahead rather than the year of publication.  

Not all of the weekly's interior pages were colour (the centre-section, occupied by the Fantastic Four, were black & white) which, occasionally, meant that one page of CB's strip (if the strip ran long that week) would be published in black & white.  These were designated 'colour-it-yourself' pages by the ever hypefull Bullpen.  The previously mono pages were coloured... incredibly crudely... for their repeat outing here. 

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