Tuesday 10 February 2015

1981: SPIDER-MAN RELAUNCH House Ad (Marvel UK)

From 1981: Another impending relaunch for MARVEL UK's venerable SPIDER-MAN weekly.  This time cannily timed to coincide with the long-delayed debut of the live-action CBS TV show on ITV... a marketing opportunity too good to resist (even if the new title, SUPER SPIDER-MAN TV COMIC, did sound like an odd amalgam of past incarnations and a long-running rival).
Oddly... they neglect to mention that the new format would see the return of glossy covers... and glossy centre pages for the first time.  

It would also mean the departure of the rag-bag of recent mergers (HULK and MARVEL TEAM-UP) which were filling the back pages and making for a very unwieldy (and not very accurate) masthead. 

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  1. It was at this point that I started collecting it every week through all its subsequent incarnations.


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