Wednesday 25 February 2015


From 1986: an advert for the long-gone London Comic Book emporium COMIC SHOWCASE.

Strange to see this shop described as "London's largest" as I always remembered the unit (located just across-the-road-and-around-the-corner from the current FP Megastore) as being pretty cramped inside.  

It did, however, have a good range of back issues.  Something of a rarity nowadays as aggressive trade paperback publishing programmes by the publishers, and now digital, have rendered sitting on large back stocks of slow-moving stock all but obsolete (hurrah for Orbital and 30th Century Comics who remain particularly well-stocked).

Showcase latterly moved to Charing Cross Road (just across-the-road-and-around-the-corner from Orbital's home) and a bigger store.  Although back issues, except for a few tucked in the seldom-open basement, were now a thing of the past.

It closed down years ago although, for a long time, the store signage remained in place even through the store was now occupied by other tenants. 

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