Thursday 12 February 2015

1983: WEETABIX CLUB Advert

From 1983: A chance to join the WEETABIX FAN CLUB... and I did.

Fan Clubs were, in the pre-internet age, a tried-and-tested way of reaching out to young consumers and buying their ongoing loyalty with the obligitory membership kit (see above) and the occasional mail-out when you have something specific to flog or feel you need to remind your membership of their loyalties.  

I was never a great fan of Weetabix... but it was the breakfast table staple when I was little.  So, of course, I signed-up for the club.  And, although long since lost, I seem to remember the membership kit was pretty cool.  And I'm fairly sure they sent out further issues of the comic for at least a little while.  

This ad appeared in a December copy of the EAGLE. 


  1. *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Slow, not sure if you got marvel file 99, inside is a flyer ad informing us that the series has now been extended to 150 issues.

    That must be some kind of record as even the original star wars file by Deagostini only ran to140. It also shows a forthcoming black widow special.

    Next up: issue 100 !

    1. Thank Ed

      There was a sudden flurry of three issues in one week a few weeks ago and issue 99 has been on sale for several weeks now. I haven't opened my copy yet (its one of a stack waiting to go into the binder) so I missed the flyer. I didn't realized it was ever slated for a set number of issues. I assumed it was continuing because it doesn't seem so long ago that they gave away the last free binder. 150 issues does seem a lot... but at least it's good. It reminds me of THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE but a little less po-faced and with better layouts.

      The one-character specials normally come with figurines don't they? I always skip those issues as they're gosh-darn expensive and I don't really want the miniatures. The recent themed specials (Ultimates and UKverse) are a new development... I hope they do more.

      Partworks seem to have replaced other magazines in the "geek media" genre, especially if Future are reducing (or dropping entirely) their bookazine one-shots.

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  3. I had assumed the series would run to 120 issues at most so it was quite a surprise. Agreed about the specials, they are simply a slightly longer mag made more expensive by the inclusion of a hunk of metal. Granted they look very nice but it really jacks up the price.

    The MARVEL CHESS series by eaglemoss also has some very nice spin-off specials, the next being thanos with star-lord. The series is about to phase into an all x-men collection. Forbidden planet often discounts the fact file and chess specials so keep your eyes peeled for bargains !

    Ditto for the dr who figurine series. Essentially you are paying more for the figure not the accompanying mag and the specials are even more expensive.

    The priciest of the lot is the special from the star trek ships collection.


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