Friday 2 September 2016


From 1977: Marvel's done-in-one adaptation of the movie THE DEEP.

The movie was adapted from the novel by Peter Benchley, starred Robert Shaw and was set in the sea... so it came with JAWS-sized expectations of a runaway blockbuster.

Presumably that expectation, and the opening scene, propelled it to becoming the 8th higest grossing movie in the States that year. Having seen the movie far more recently, I can report that lightning did not strike the ocean twice and this was - in fact - no Jaws.

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  1. Maybe so but JAWS didn't have the sight of Jackie Bisset in underwater mode, a true beauty of the deep. ( ahem )

    The art is somewhat florid and misleading as the creature is just a conger eel and not the giant sea serpent as drawn here. The inbox also promises a Tarzan style grapple which never occurs in the movie.


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