Tuesday 27 September 2016


From 1993:THE DWB COMPENDIUM - THE BEST OF DWB, a softcover book collecting many of the best articles and features (some updated or - at the very least - with new formatting and layouts to compensate for the mag's sometimes primitive production values) from the fanzine/ magazine's first 100 issues in print.

This - and the companion compilation of the best interviews - were offered for sale through the magazine and (I think) through shops as well. I have an idea that I picked up my copies several years later as remaindered stock. DWB itself was still trying to shift unsold copies way into the DREAMWATCH era. Copies seldom seem to surface now (although I don't attend any WHO conventions... which may be awash with copies for all I know) which suggests that limited initial interest has translated as scarcity in the secondary market.

Both are well worth grabbing if you find copies. The emphasis is on WHO (of course) bua t there is enough other telefantasy in both to generate a bit of diversity.

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  1. a bumper crop this week and the return of some old starlogged favourites.

    first up, M.A.S.K. has returned to comics via the REVOLUTION storyline.

    and ELVIRA is the subject of a lovely tribute issue from HORRORHOUND.

    2000AD has finally reached its 2000th edition and I managed to find two versions with wrap-around covers. Splundid vur thrigg !

    I also stumbled upon the latest issue of GEEKY MONKEY which bizarrely has a wrestling flip cover, a marketing plug for the same publishers new wrestling title.

    Gem of the week must be THE COMPLETE X-FILES, an updated edition of the earlier tome with many x-cellent photos. I recall seeing but not buying the first version. I made sure to get this new edition. Highly recommended.


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