Friday 23 September 2016


From 1989: the UK rental release (aka 'big box') of MIDNIGHT COP (aka NICK KNIGHT) from NEW WORLD VIDEO.

This stylish tele-flick was a pilot for what would have been a regular US drama about a night shift cop who just happens to be a vampire. Unfortunately, the tele types bounced the idea of a hero who was also undead and the Rick Springfield (memorable for his early departure from the good ship GALACTICA a decade earlier) vehicle stalled.

Except. It didn't. The concept was reworked - and recast - and rebooted as the late night cheap-as-chips cult drama FOREVER NIGHT.

New World Video repackaged as much of the US studio's TV work as possible for the UK rental market. And this was no exception. There was no rental release and it seems to have been all but forgotten in the digital era (although FOREVER KNIGHT did get some R1 box sets way-back-when.

It's a good watch and - for my money - betger than the series.

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