Tuesday 20 September 2016


From 1993: Walter Koenig keeps the cash coming in between STAR TREK movies by penning RAVER, a three-issue comic book oddity from Malibu Comics.

Koenig had previous for lending his writing star power to an episode of Trek's animated series (compensation for being squeezed out of the cast for financial reasons: Filmation couldn't afford to reunite the entire live action cast and Chekov - as a latecomer - was deemed least essential), his well-worth-reading behind the scenes account of the making of THE MOTION PICTURE (his updates also appeared in the early issues of STARLOG) and a standalone Chekov tale (notable for being set in thst nebulous period after TMP) for the first run of the DC Comics Trekathon.

Malibu (note the logo change mid-run) went on to gobble up the DS9 and VOYAGER (although the latter appeared under Marvel's banner post takeover) comics rights and their brief but prosperous run included several Trek celebrity contributors.

I can't claim to have actually read these but I spotted them in the 50p bin and thought they were too tempting a target to pass up.

I'm not sure if the title meant the same thing in the States as here in the UK... but it seemed an odd choice to me.

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  1. Also odd is the cover blurb for issue 1 - " collectors special " is overdoing it a little.

    I assume Raver is the chap on the cover. By issue 3 , he seems to be turning into a hybrid of Johnny storm and Reed Richards.

    The word ' raver ' had a more sinister meaning in the Thomas Covenant novels. Without doubt, one of the most frightening depictions of evil in fantasy literature.


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