Tuesday 30 October 2012


With tonight's (London time) announcement that Disney are buying Lucasfilm and the STAR WARS franchise, how long will it be before the comics license shifts from Dark Horse Comics (who have held it since DARK EMPIRE - ironically originally announced as a Marvel/ Epic project - in 1991) back to Marvel (now, of course, another Disney subsidiary and publisher of SW comics, on both sides of the Atlantic from 1977-86)?

To mark the moment here's a quick-off-the-mark Spidey Star Wars spoof cover from SPIDEY SUPER STORIES issue 31, cover-dated February 1978.

SSS was as easy-reading comic for younger kids, connected to THE ELECTRIC COMPANY educational TV show (which featured regular Spider-man live-action comedy segments).  Some - but not this one - of the strips were reused in the UK during the dying days of the original Spider-man weekly, in a misjudged attempt to reboot it as a comic for younger readers.  

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