Tuesday, 16 June 2015

1993: JURASSIC PARK Issue 1 (Dark Horse International)

From June 1993: the first issue of the British all-reprint edition of JURASSIC PARK.  

With JURASSIC WORLD smashing all sorts of box office records (who would have thought there was that much pent-up demand for another outing?), it seemed a good moment to go back into the vaults and pull out the first part of the adaptation of the original film from (ye gods) 22 years ago.

Topps Comics had the license but the short-lived Dark Horse International picked-up the UK rights.  Fortunately for them, Topps continued to publish a number of post-movie series totaling, based on my maths, twenty-nine individual issues. 

I'm not sure how long the UK edition survived (the Dark Horse wiki entry doesn't even mention their British expansion) but I do recall this stuck around long enough to reprint some of the US follow-ups. 

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  1. I have up to issue 13. I have no idea if it lasted past that much as their is very little info on the series online.


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