Friday 19 October 2012


This A4 hardback photo-heavy book was published, by Brown Watson, to coincide with the theatrical release of the (edited) pilot episode, Saga of a Star World, in British cinemas.  

Predictably, it was an adaptation of that self-same episode.  The text suffered from a number of typos (Boomer became Bloomer etc.) but most Star Warriors really wanted it for the copious amounts of photos.  

Several of the images were from scenes which didn't make the final cut of any version of the episode.  As the number of deleted scenes on the DVD box set show, a lot of additional material was shot that never made it into the final TV cut.  For the most part, the feature film version was just a truncated edit of the TV episode

This hefty hardback, along with the BG bubblegum cards, was an essential playground item for late seventies Star Warriors.  And - as a result - it's not hard to find copies from second-hand dealers.

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