Monday 1 October 2012


As I've already covered, this week - forty years ago - saw the first issue of THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL sitting (hopefully not for too long) on newsagents shelves for the first time.

I acquired these two MARVEL UK LETTERS online recently (I didn't pay much, honest!).  Truth-be-told, neither contain anything terribly interesting (and the seller - who's identity I've removed before posting - was very honest about that) but I still felt them worthy of being Starlogged.

The first is undated but dates from the early 1980s and Marvel's occupancy of Jadwin House.  The latter is from 1989 and the Arundel House years.

What is notable is that both use the company logo first introduced by Dez Skinn in 1979, as (occasionally) seen on the Bullpen Bulletins pages from his tenure at the top of the Annex of Ideas.

After his departure, the logo was seldom seen in print, although it was seen behind the reception desk in one instalment of RETURN OF THE JEDI's C.Y.R.I.L strip.  That suggests it really did grace Marvel's reception... at least during the Redan Place era.

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