Wednesday 17 October 2012


Crisps are exciting aren't they?  They really enliven any lunch box.  And transport you - in an instant - to alien worlds, packed full of adventure!  Or - maybe - they just make you fat.

KP's marketing people were obviously determined to shift more bags of ALIEN SPACERS (which were shaped - vaguely - like spaceships and the like, although you can't help but wonder if the manufacturing folk knocked-up anything they could and then challenged the marketing department to come up with something to justify their bizarre misshapen efforts) and commissioned this multi-part full-colour (worth remembering that each issue only had, at most, eight colour pages an issue, and that was usually only when an advertiser wanted a colour interior page) space adventure to run across four issues.

This instalment ran in selected IPC weeklies cover-dated 8 September 1984.  I'm pretty sure there was also an alternate version of each strip, with additional panels, which ran in the Mail on Sunday's comics supplement.  I have no idea why, unless the MoS pages were sufficiently larger (I don't remember) and allowed for the insertion of more panels-per-page.

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