Monday 12 November 2012


These US confectionary concoctions sound particularly bad for the midriff.  But - in better news - you only had to buy three of 'em (and fork-out a princely $1.49, which sounds a lot in March 1980 monies) to secure this light-up Cylon pen from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

I've never seen one of these pricy pens and I've no idea if they were exclusive to this mail-in offer but I bet they were highly impractical for actually writing anything.  But they sound cool!


  1. I don't know if you still are running this blog but I have one of these pens. I can't find any info on them anywhere tho.

  2. can you upload a picture? I never thought they actually got made.....

  3. These pens were made by Larami Toys (known outside the U.S. as Toymark), which was the king of impulse-isle toys through the 1970's, but several factor put them out of business, such as low quality platformed toys, failure to grab licenses for other hot properties, and being left holding an expensive license for a cancelled show, Battlestar Galactica. The pens light up the page you'd be writing upon and came on bubble-cards with two AAAA batteries. They were available at retailers in custom-printed display-boxes. There were Battlestar Cylons and Justice League pens featuring Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.
    Larami mostly issued platform toys which means they made a certain line of generic toys and just slapped a new logo on them. Out of fourty-five BSG toys produced, only five had some custom molding, and one got a custom cut. All other BSG toys were just generic toys which got BSG packaging, inserts and/or stickers.
    The BSG Lite Writer is extremely rare (10 of 10) in the package, but also still very rare out of the package (9 of 10). Unfortunately BSG doesn't command high dollar, so when the day comes to sell a BSG Lite Writer pen in the package, you can put a price of $150 on it as of 2019. $35 out of the package with working light. $20 not working.
    This info is brought to you courtesy of, me, the world's top BSG collectables expert, who has decided, now that BSG has turned forty, to compile my vast knowledge of BSG collectables into a forthcoming website, which will take a few more months to finish compiling from my vast files of pics and notes, so look for it in spring 2021. By your command.

  4. Apologies. I completely forgot I sent this. Here is a link to a photo of the pen...

  5. Annnnd, here's one on Ebay. First I've seen...

  6. Is that BSG website now up online ?


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