Wednesday 7 November 2012

1980: GALACTICA 1980 CANCELLED (Starlog)

Here's a news report (from STARLOG 37 (cover-dated August 1980) that - I doubt - many BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans were too disappointed (or surprised) to read: the cancellation of the much unloved GALACTICA 1980.

It's amazing to think that the overtime and cost overruns sent G80's budget into the stratospheric realms of the original series.  The finished episodes look pretty cheap (minimising, as they do, the SF elements in favour of contemporary California locations and existing sets scattered around the Universal lot) with very few moments that ever come close to its predecessor.  

As an aside, I first saw THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS on the BBC sometime in the 1980s (I think), tucked away in a Bank Holiday family movie slot, and it really freaked me out.  I've seen it again more recently, and it no longer has the same effect.

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