Tuesday 6 November 2012


I watched the pilot episode of CW's new revival of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the other night.  Whilst its not a bad show in its own right (I'd need to watch a few more episodes before I made a definitive judgement on that score), I was struck by how much LESS risk-taking it was compared with the 1987 original.  

The new Catherine Chandler has none of the dignity and grace of Linda Hamilton but - more importantly - her Vincent is just a good-looking bloke with a bit of a facial scar.  Maybe a man dressed as a lion is a little cheesy for the CW's teen audience but - really - they could have done a bit better than that.  And the unfortunate subtext is: minor facial deformity = beast!  

This is a nicely assembled compilation of original series clips put to the show's memorable title music.

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