Thursday 15 November 2012


It's the ever-lovely Jane Badler.  Again*.  This time reviving her Diana alter-ago to - errr - flog Visitor merchandise (invasions can be expensive business), presumably left clogging-up a Warner Brothers warehouse when V's weekly series killed the franchise in spectacular style.

Ironically, most of this stuff (especially the action figure) probably shifts for mega-bucks today.  Oh for a time machine.  

I've always particularly coveted the (frankly stunning) poster.  That's one piece of art I'd love to have framed and on my wall.  It's not a left-over publicity still either (if they'd have run THAT image in TV GUIDE, the show would still be on the air today!), Badler reprised Diana especially for the photo-shoot, briefly sparking rumours that Warner Brothers were gearing-up for a revival.  They were... until the accountants saw the potential bill.  

This advert ran for a while in STARLOG MAGAZINE in the late eighties.  This particular scan comes from the March 1988 issue.

* I know, I know.  Like I need an excuse...

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