Thursday 31 October 2013

1975: DRACULA LIVES SPECIAL EDITION (World Distributors)

Here's another obscure items from the MARVEL UK vaults: THE DRACULA LIVES SPECIAL EDITION, published by those purveyors of shoddy hardbacks (although this is an A4 softcover with black & white interiors) World Distributors.

There's scant information inside so dating this one-shot is a little tricky.  The two reprinted strips, Night of the Stalker and Let It Bleed, hail from 1974 so this likely appeared mid-seventies, probably alongside the regular DRACULA LIVES weekly (1974-76).

I have the run of DL but I've not had a chance to check to see if this received any plugs, which would help narrow down the publication date more.

The copy I have has loose interior pages and a quick bit of Googling uncovers a retailer selling another copy (for more than double what I paid) who also notes loose pages so I assume the binding quality wasn't stellar.

Front Cover

Back Cover

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  1. I was given this by a schoolfriend and wasn't hugely impressed but it was free so I didn't complain, there's a story with Dracula on board a ship if I remember but it was so long, long ago! Talking of pages falling out I had a copy of British Hit Singles Of The '70's and ALL the pages fell out! I've been wary of paperbacks ever since.


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