Tuesday 15 October 2013


I've covered MARVEL UK's short-lived FURY, a half-hearted (nice covers!) attempt from the Neil Tennant era to cash-in on the success of WARLORD and BATTLE from Marvel's rivals, in a bygone post but only recently uncovered this full-page merger announcement from the back cover of THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL issue 257 (cover-dated 31 August 1977).

Here's my original FURY post.


  1. Surely the worst of Marvel UK's never-ending mergers, Fury should have been dropped altogether. Cover dated 31 August 1977 which was my very first day in comprehensive school, they couldn't even let us have the whole of August.

    1. Wow! That's harsh! That's the sort of early return that would create great frustration as the kids summer TV would run at least another week and - you know - you don't want to miss any minute of (in those days) such a rationed rarity. I remember when Roland Rat finally revealed Error the Hamster ("Run VT Errol!") - after much build-up - the day I had to go back to school in those pre-VHS days. Humpf!

      At least - in the far away seventies - Marvel were still sporting enough to announce that a comic was dying... and find them a new home. By the time 1981 rolled around, the FUTURE TENSE/ FORCES IN COMBAT combo lasted a week (no doubt to clear the decks for the impending demise of VALOUR) and FUTURE TENSE itself could find no sanctuary early in the following year. Later M-UK efforts (like - off the top of my head - MARVEL ACTION HOUR, CONAN THE ADVENTURER and HAVOC) would just mysteriously vanish....

  2. To be honest, the MWOM/Fury merger didn't bother me as a kid, even though I wasn't a fan of war comics in general. However, I recently acquired a complete set of Fury and I have to say that the best thing about the title, apart from Carlos Ezquerra's excellent covers was... actually, that was it. The Sgt. Fury stories are okay-ish, Captain Savage is pretty awful and the "filler" stories rarely rise above mediocre. It's clear from the letters pages (bearing in mind that these were from fans) that readers wanted more focus on British involvement in the war. Let's face it, Private "Pinky" Pinkerton wasn't what they had in mind...! Best wishes, Khayem


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