Tuesday 22 October 2013


This is a really nice piece of BLAKE'S SEVEN fan art scanned from the back cover of the December 1992 edition of the always weighty HORIZON FAN CLUB newsletter (more of a magazine really).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a credit for the piece anywhere in the magazine although there is a signature (which I can't decipher) bottom-right.

The newsletter itself was a 100-page black & white (with glossy colour cover) A4 letterbox-buster only available to club members.  There's more fan-pleasing stuff in one issue of the newsletter than all the eighties Marvel magazines combined.

The show was going through something of a renaissance at the time thanks to the BBC VIDEO releases (£10.99 for a tape with two episodes... what were we thinking?!?) which included a plug for the club on every sleeve.  It was those VHS tapes that reacquainted me with the show (and drained my wallet) and led me to sign-up for the club.

I've got more B7 posts planned for the future.


  1. welcome back.....see posts under fantastic 4 december gallery

  2. I've got a digital radio and every day at 6pm Radio 4 Extra has a sci-fi/fantasy/horror hour. They recently broadcast some new radio versions of Blake's 7 (with new cast members) which I was quite enjoying and then they suddenly stopped dead. I assume this was because the audio CD's they came from had stopped being made because of poor sales(?). It was disappointing though.


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