Monday 22 September 2014


The MARVEL UK/ Grandreams BLADE RUNNER movie adaptation annual from 1982, which reprinted the US MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL.  The work was by Archie Goodwin with fantastic art by Al Williamson.  

The same strip was also serialised, but with inferior printing, in copies of RETURN OF THE JEDI weekly (where it replaced, appropriately, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES). 

I just Googled this on to confirm the year of publication (there's no copyright date inside) and the two Marketplace dealers selling copies are listing them for a boggling £2,449.49 and £2,449.50 respectively.  Good luck with that.  I found this copy, at the bottom of a £1 "tat" box at a recent London Film and Comic event.  Based on their ridiculous take-a-punt valuation, this is probably the most valuable MARVEL UK publication ever!

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