Monday 15 September 2014

1983: SCHOOL FUN Issue 1 (IPC)

It's back-to-school so, to mark the occasion, here's the first issue of IPC's ill-fated SCHOOL FUN, an October 1983 launch which tried to make - ahem - school fun.  It ran for 33 weeks, two holiday specials and one annual.

The Kings Reach Tower mandarins were smart enough to throw in a little star power: two of the strips were based on characters from CORONATION STREET and GRANGE HILL.

Swift failure can probably be attributed to kids not wishing to be reminded of school when they're not in it.  It merged, as so many comics did, with BUSTER in May 1984.


  1. slow robot, you have been doing a lot of magazine coverage recently..just wondering if you have any copies of STARLOG UK and if so, could you put up some cover scans..?

    also i left some links for you under ' stan lee in the uk '

  2. It's like in the Summer holidays when shops have those "Back To Skool" signs (because spelling "school" with a K is so amusing and original) and all the kids are supposed to get really excited at the prospect. Whoever invented the saying "schooldays are the happiest days" must have had a really miserable life if his schooldays were the best bit of it.


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