Tuesday 16 September 2014

2000: STARLOG UK Issue 1

By special request, the launch issue of the British edition of the venerable STARLOG from May 2000.

I must confess that I didn't buy this at the time and I don't know much about the details.  US imports of Starlog had been appearing in newsagents for over a decade (I was a regular buyers around the time that ST: TNG launched in 1987) so I don't know if this was effectively competing with the US edition… or whether it replaced it.  

The print dimensions were wider than A4 which is why the edges are cut off on my A4 scanner.


  1. thank you sir !

    this was a uk version of the american STARLOG albeit in a larger format....it ran for 27 issues and as i recall was very hard to find in shops at the time...as with all mags now, I regret that i didnt buy / keep more issues

    you can see a cover gallery here:

    http://www.moviemags.com/main.php?title=STARLOG (UK)&etos=%&month=%&special=%

  2. I bought a couple of issues of the UK Starlog but I can't remember anything about it. I suppose all those sci-fi magazines like Starlog, Starburst, Dreamwatch and Death-Ray were killed off by the success of SFX which is far and away my favourite although I buy Sci-Fi Now as well - it seems two sci-fi magazines is enough for sci-fi fans.


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