Wednesday 17 September 2014


This launch add for the DEATH'S HEAD II limited series, the title that kick-started (in all but name) the GENESIS 1992 line from MARVEL UK, was one of a series of one-page House Ads for the "Big Guns" promotion (a marketing push for edgier/ violent fare such as Cage, Silver Sable, the Punisher and Deathlok).

The campaign obviously worked as the initial DHII series was a massive seller (M-UK went back to print with a silver ink second edition) and kick-started the whole G92 project (none of the characters appear in this series but the back pages contained various House Ads and previews teasing the first wave of titles).

This ad appeared across the US line, this particular one is from (of all places) the one-shot CAPTAIN AMERICA movie adaptation.  

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