Wednesday 24 September 2014

1995:NOCTURNE (Marvel UK)

NOCTURNE is another Mighty MARVEL UK obscurity: a last survivor from the British Bullpen's ambitions to be an originator of mainstream (albeit with a British twist) superhero adventure comics (which, for the most part, went up in smoke during the late 1993/ early 1994 Genesis Implosion.

Dated June 1995, this was put together by a British team overseen by Paul Neary (he served a similar duty on THE CLANDESTINE) but published as part of the US line.  Apparently with minimum hype as this passed me by entirely at the time despite running for four issues.

I stumbled across this first issue (sadly not the remaining three) in a dealer's dump bin at the weekend… and the name rang a bell.  

The M-UK connection (other than the creative team) here is that NIGHT RAVEN is featured, albeit in flashbacks as a fictional character… who may not (you can see where this is - probably - going) have been as fictional as everyone assumed.  

I really enjoyed this first issue.  Dan Abnett's plotting doesn't feel very original but it is highly enjoyable and I hope I get a chance to read the remaining chapters soon.  More disappointing is Nocturne's costume design: it looks like a pimped-up Phantom and is far from memorable.  

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