Monday 17 August 2015


From June 1983: A ticket, and advertisement, for the first European screening of RETURN OF THE JEDI, accompanied by its two distinguished predecessors.

No.  I wasn't there.  Although I did see ROTJ in the cinema that summer.  Of course.  

I recently acquired some STAR WARS books from a second-hand store and, tucked inside one of them, I found these passports back in time.  Whoever owned them had clearly kept mementos of the day safe, tucked inside the books, for more than thirty years before (presumably inadvertently... or maybe they just didn't care) selling the book with them still tucked inside.  

Imagine the excitement of seeing ANH and ESB on the big screen again (where they even, officially, out on VHS in '83?) and knowing throughout that they were simply the warm-up act for the big finale...

And... knowing that you'd be seeing it before anyone else you knew.  Probably. 

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  1. what an amazing find !

    I had a similar one myself a few years ago at a second hand sale. The marvel illustrated paperback of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK had cinema tickets for the movie inside. Unlike the previous owner, I didn't throw them away.

    I also remember cajoling my mom to take us to see the double bill of star wars/ empire and by the time we got to the cinema, the first movie was already 30 minutes underway.


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