Thursday 13 August 2015


From July 1994: The fallout from the GENESIS MASSACRE: CLAN DESTINE's debut in the pages of the anthology MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS.  

The Alan Davis creation was to have been part of the MARVEL UK renaissance a retrenching of the operation with a new emphasis on quality over quantity in the hopes of riding out the industry slump.

However, Marvel NY took radical action to deal with the product glut and ordered the London office to cease their incursion into the US market forthwith.  The tradeoff was that the most promising of the Genesis titles would transfer to the auspices of the US Bullpen.  In practice, Clan Destine was pretty much the only survivor.  Even DEATH'S HEAD II was dumped overboard without a second thought.

Marvel NY, to their credit, put some muscle behind this.  In addition to their first appearance herein, they also garnered a preview edition.  M-UK had also generated some pre publicity with  magazine articles and a trading card attached to the cover of COMICS WORLD magazine here in the UK. 

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