Monday 3 August 2015


RETRO VISION a US genre magazine that appeared sometime in the late 1990s but, beyond that, my information is hazy.

This is doubly frustrating as not only did I but it at the time but I've also reacquired several issues, including this one, more recently.  Publication details, including a date, are scant inside.

The format was a cardstock cover with black & white interiors on nice, but not glossy, paperstock.  

As the above cover suggests, the editorial was a mix of the near contemporary (the HIGHLANDER TV show) and older fare (hence the title I guess).  Subsequent issues devoted in-depth coverage to STAR WARS fiction and an extensive piece on on the four Warner/ Cannon SUPERMAN movies.  One issue also ran a nice, annotated, episode guide to TV's AMERICAN GOTHIC which complimented a similar piece in the pages of SPECTRUM magazine.  


  1. I remember getting this myself around 1997- 98 . It would have been in either tower records or forbidden planet back when anything could ( and usually did ) pop up on the shelves during the boom years for genre mags.

    This title was quite similar to NOT OF THIS EARTH in that it re-printed articles from other magazines and books. The give away is in the editorial page with the names Edward Gross and Mark Altman. These two writers pretty much had coverage of all things star trek sewn up between them in the 90's and their numerous articles and episode guides would be recycled endlessly in mags such as this.

    I only ever saw this first issue but it seems to have run to at least seven regular issues plus specials as you can see here:

  2. not sure which issues you have slow but if you look at the contents, it clearly states that some of the articles are reprinted from AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER.


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