Friday 7 August 2015


From 1999: Another issue of RETRO VISION magazine, the first of a four-part run of specials devoted to the two bastions of the Star Age: Trek and Wars.

The SW aspect was covered by the start of an extensive guide to the various fiction spin-offs from the trilogy.  This has been done a few times since, most notably in book form, but this was new (at least to me) at the time and was a perfect antidote to the burgeoning (and bewildering) number of new SW novels and short stories that had hit the stands throughout the Nineties.  Star Wars had gone from an entertainment franchise traditionally under represented in paperback form (no one in my school was excited by the prospects of Lando solo novels) to (once Lucas has spotted their was a buck to be made) tons of the stuff.

I'm not convinced this ever made it to the promised four-issue run.  I'm pretty sure issue 2 appeared (I think I have it somewhere) but I think that was it from the Retro Vision empire. 

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  1. I can assure you there was an issue 2 as you can see here:


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