Monday 10 August 2015

1992: EPI-LOG magazine Issue 14

From January 1992: An essential purchase for me at the time... New World Television's TOUR OF DUTY on the cover of EPI-LOG magazine's fourteenth issue.

ITV's regional schedulers, and the first Gulf War, played merry havoc with the scheduling and transmission of this series... running episodes out-of-order (so people died before they even arrived and end-of-season cliffhangers were rendered nonsensical, muddling episodes from different seasons and dropping the show, at the last minute, from the schedules (despite a billing in the TV Times) for weeks at a time.  And then the war made broadcasters skittish about anything with soldiers or combat, forcing ITV to drop the show for an extended period.

All that made making sense of the show, and the correct running order, something of a challenge.  Thank you Epi-Log (and your second military-themed issue) for coming to my rescue.  Kids today don't know how lucky they are. 

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