Tuesday, 29 November 2016


From 1988: On air this month, to mark DOCTOR WHO's 25th year on the telly, was the flawed Cyber-romp SILVER NEMESIS.

This was the BBC VIDEO VHS release. The scan has reproduced quite darkly because it was printed on a special foil paper (contradiction?) that gave it a suitably metallic finish.

Tbe tape is notable for including a US documentary not subsequently included on the DVD.


  1. the dvd still contains some priceless footage including the sight of Anton diffring losing his rag over delays in filming.

    an undeniable air of late 80's naffness hangs over the McCoy era.

  2. The final two years of the McCoy era seemed to vary between the quite good to the really rather excellent. I was listening to the new fan-made commentaries for REMEMBRANCE earlier this week. Cartmel's plan to use new writers didn't always deliver - and they were sometimes scuppered by variable BBC production standards - but there was certainly a sense of renaisance.

  3. perhaps I was thinking of his debut adventure with the Rani.

    its not surprising this doc appeared on the video, apparently JNT was more interested in courting American fandom ( and the lucrative tie-ins ) than actually running the show.

  4. I think JNT was canny enough to do whatever he could to keep the programme in production as long as he possibly could. In retrospect, it's clear that the BBC were determined to cancel it at the earliest opportunity but JNT knew that was harder if it had a vocal global fan base AND generated revenue for BBC Enterprises... Which ultimately topped up income from the License Fee.


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