Monday 14 November 2016


From February 1994: THERMAL LANCE issue 14.

Published by Alan Connor and Gary Finney (the 'Cybercontrollers') out of an editorial address in Derby, this was a British DOCTOR WHO/ all-things-SF zine (which - inevitably - meant they did THE X-FILES as well) that I purchased regularly through the mail for several years.

This was the first issue I purchased. Unlike many of the other zines I bought during this period, I've hung onto my Thermal Lance (matron!), so I can add them to the online STARLOGGED archive.

This issue (A5, coloured paper cover, black & white interior, photocopied) has several articles on WHO ("A load of old codswallop, if you ask me": A review of The Green Death) and RED DWARF (In every dream home a hard-light: After series 6, does Red Dwarf deserve a fandom?). Other bobbins include a look at the current state of WHO ("Perhaps Who-fandom will go the way of Prisoner-fandom, destined to briefly flare up again every ten years or so whenever the series is repeated"), the 1993 Whotopia Derby fan poll results (Favourite latex extra: Cybermen... with a whopping 10 votes compared with 4 for the second-place Daleks) and assorted news stories (Amblin still negotiating with the BBC, the much derided CHILDREN IN NEED/ EASTENDERS sketch nabbing 14 million viewers.... and DOCTOR WHO CLASSIC COMICS in danger of going under).

TL became more ambitious over time: shifting to DTP production and - eventually - a more glossy A4 format.

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  1. were the later covers all in colour ?

    going by ebay , they seem to be in black and white.


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