Wednesday, 2 November 2016


From 1989: PRIMETIME (The Television magazine) issue 15.


  1. nice to see SHOESTRING on the cover. At the time of that show, Trevor Eve was also starring alongside Larry Olivier in DRACULA ( 79 ), one of my favourite movies.

    Which leads me rather neatly into a lovely item I just picked up - LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS - an entire mag devoted to the frank langella version of Dracula, an amazing issue packed with rare photos. I was doubly delighted to find this as I've never seen the title in FP before.

    I was also surprised and pleased to find issue 1 of BINGEBOX. It seems to be good value with a nice poster of THE FLASH.

  2. The London FP seems to have scaled back on their magazine offering lately. Or their stock controller forgets to order stuff.

    BINGEBOX is interesting. I wonder if it is the future of TV magazines in a non-linear age or whether it will quickly vanish. I guess it is the latest iteration of the home video and DVD mags of the past.

    The new issue of PREVIEWS has some interesting new bits and bobbins for first-quarter 2017 including a Marvel reprint of the CLASSIC STAR WARS newspaper strip reprints.

  3. I'm having issues with the Dublin branch of FP right now.

    The new issue of PREVIEWS was a week late and then they told me that all copies had been pre-ordered which sounds like a load of cobblers. Its a miracle if I find anything on the shelves.

    I'm not sure if I would compare BINGEBOX with those older mags. They were really big titles with lots of freebies.

    At first glance , BB looks like just another telly rag but it is nice and lets hope it stays the course.


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