Wednesday 2 November 2016


From 1989: PRIMETIME (The Television magazine) issue 15.


  1. nice to see SHOESTRING on the cover. At the time of that show, Trevor Eve was also starring alongside Larry Olivier in DRACULA ( 79 ), one of my favourite movies.

    Which leads me rather neatly into a lovely item I just picked up - LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS - an entire mag devoted to the frank langella version of Dracula, an amazing issue packed with rare photos. I was doubly delighted to find this as I've never seen the title in FP before.

    I was also surprised and pleased to find issue 1 of BINGEBOX. It seems to be good value with a nice poster of THE FLASH.

  2. The London FP seems to have scaled back on their magazine offering lately. Or their stock controller forgets to order stuff.

    BINGEBOX is interesting. I wonder if it is the future of TV magazines in a non-linear age or whether it will quickly vanish. I guess it is the latest iteration of the home video and DVD mags of the past.

    The new issue of PREVIEWS has some interesting new bits and bobbins for first-quarter 2017 including a Marvel reprint of the CLASSIC STAR WARS newspaper strip reprints.

  3. I'm having issues with the Dublin branch of FP right now.

    The new issue of PREVIEWS was a week late and then they told me that all copies had been pre-ordered which sounds like a load of cobblers. Its a miracle if I find anything on the shelves.

    I'm not sure if I would compare BINGEBOX with those older mags. They were really big titles with lots of freebies.

    At first glance , BB looks like just another telly rag but it is nice and lets hope it stays the course.

  4. Starlogged...Have you ever thought about belonging to a scanning group that's trying the save the Public Domain pulps, digests and other magazines such as 'Tv Guide', 'Primetime' (which only ever published at its peak, 1,500 print editions and how many of those were thrown away or lost or crumbled away?), and other magazines. We have three issues of Primetime of I believe 18, but there are complete runs of most SF magazines that published the great stories, from the '20s, '30s, '40s, ect. It's so that future generations will have access to media that is constantly disappearing, to restore and preserve and for those who desire complete runs of magazines that they would never be able to otherwise house physically.

    Here are links to two of the three Primetime issues.

    The site deals with fiction magazines, often with fabulous illustrations.

    It's here if you're interested...


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