Tuesday 22 November 2016


From June 1991: PERSONALITY PRESENTS THE ORIGINAL CREW: WILLIAM SHATNER, the first of a long run of unlicensed biographical STAR TREK tie-ins published during the 1990s boom by PERSONALITY COMICS.

Depending on the creative team, these unauthorised retrospectives either took the form of traditional cimic strips or - like this Shat-tastic starter - illustrations with accompanying text. I picked a career highlight, below, by way of an example.

I steered well clear of these when they were published but recently stumbled upon a pretty good run of copies which I picked up as interesting oddities in the Trek publishing pantheon.


  1. some lovely items out today.

    pick of the week goes to CAPTAIN BRITAIN : LEGACY OF A LEGEND. A really nice collection of M-UK material culled from various weeklies and monthlies. A must for all starloggers.

    A lot of bookazines have appeared all at the same time.


    ART OF STAR WARS, an updated reprint of the first edition.

    SCI-FI ICONS, from the ever productive Imagine publishers.

  2. Those bookazines don't seem to have hit London yet although it's noticable that publishers and distributors do seem to be dumping previously published bookazines back into stores.

    Other highlights this week included the second volumes of the WHO books SPACE HELMET FOR A COW and RUNNING THROUGH CORRIDORS. And the Eighties movie retrospective BRAT PACK AMERICA. The highlight is probably the gorgeous BATMAN: A CELEBRATION OF THE CLASSIC TV SERIES which is packed to the Bay Poles with previously unseen candid behind-the-scenes stills.

    The new EMPIRE has multiple ROGUE ONE covers (I went for the robot) and there is also a new HORRORHOUND SPECIAL EDITION devoted to the CHILD'S PLAY franchise. TOTAL FILM, meanwhile, have attracted come criticism for suggesting the current card envelope edition includes the previously-published Lucas special. It doesn't.

    And the CAPTAIN BRITAIN trade makes a nice companion to the MARVEL'S MIGHTIEST HEROES hardback from last week. Both reprint the origin story (although the hardback keeps it real by printing the final page in b&w... The trade opts for the colour version from the annual) and the two-part team-up. But the hardback then reprints CB & MI-13 1-4.

    And Sainsbury has an exclusive 2-disc BR edition of STAR TREK BEYOND.

  3. I've noticed the appearance of older bookazines ,at times its hard to distinguish between those and the updated versions. I forgot to add that the SCI-FI ICONS bz is a star wars special.

    I recall that batman book being advertised in PREVIEWS ages ago so its taken a while to show up.

    I think you meant to say ' packed to the bat poles '

    Unlike most fans, I enjoyed the recent bats vs supey movie.

    Hard to get excited about ROGUE ONE although its all over the magazine rack. Ah yes , the big con from TOTAL FILM when they actually meant the digital version of the lucas special. Still a nice package with lots of goodies.

    Sainsbury's seem to get quite a lot of exclusives including the EMPIRE with the kylo ren action figure. Apparently ,it was nigh on impossible to find.

    In other news, the THUNDERBIRDS comic has been cancelled as seen here:


  4. The Titan STAR TREK and STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITIONS must be due soon. Announced for this month I believe. Although one year they landed in January. SCI FI NOW did a yearbook last year, so they may repeat this year.

    There's also a NIGHT RAVEN trade announced for 2017. It will also include the text stories, which haven't previously been reprinted.

    I'm probably more excited about ROGUE ONE than the last one. It sounds more interesting. I have ordered some of the tie-ins but I won't read em until after I have seen the film. I'm a strictly spoiler-free zone.

  5. The BATMAN book was delayed by a year. This year's PREVIEWS plug included a classic typo. Oopsie.

  6. Apparently the TRANSFORMERS G1 PARTWORK is confirmed for a national launch in January. Fingers-crossed for that and the STAR TREK COMICS series as well.

  7. lets hope so.

    wasn't there supposed to be a ' build your own R2-D2 ' partwork ?

    I did see one for WARHAMMER recently.

  8. The R2D2 one did get a limited release. I spotted an issue in Oxford during the test run.

    The WARHAMMER one is a full release.

    The BUILD THE FALCON one was tested in Brighton before the full launch.

    The STAR TREK hardbacks were tested in Reading.

  9. The cancellation of the Thunderbirds comic seems excuse enough to share the classic Fuzzbox pop video for International Rescue, a mash-up of Thunderbirds and Barbarella:
    Fuzzbox International Rescue

    Coincidentally, Fuzzbox have a new single* out right now called "Let's Go Supernova".

    (* or whatever the young folks call them.)

  10. Oh... And the BUFFY COMICS hardback comics reprints were tested in Colchester. But didn't make a national rollout.

    The same fate befell the GERRY ANDERSON comics reprints.

    I still think STAR WARS would be a no-brainer (despite the closure of Titan's STAR WARS GALAXY) simply because of the sheer amount of inventory and the minimal restoration required.

  11. thanks for all that information slow, you certainly get around.

    a new BUFFY comic came out this week.

    It must be publishing rights and licensing issues that are blocking a star wars partwork.


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