Tuesday 30 April 2013


Today, it's back to the Summer of 1977 and, for the United States at least, the summer of STAR WARS.  These are three consecutive covers (137-139) from the legendary FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine.

I've no idea how many copies of FM crossed the Atlantic, and when they arrived, but these* must have given British readers a tantalising early glimpse of the film that would change everything.  And - you have to admit - it does all look rather exciting.

I particularly like the third cover because of the rather nice pictures of Darth and the droids leaving their boot prints in Hollywood.  It's an event thats bound to turn up in any retrospective TV documentary of the saga with a half-decent budget for archive, but I hadn't appreciated that it had happened quite so soon after the movie had opened.

FM regularly revisited the 'Wars every time a sales boost was required and I'll post some of those covers in the coming days.

* Along with copies of Marvel's tabloid-sized reprints of their movie adaptation which reached British newsagents, along with plugs in the British weeklies, during the autumn of '77.

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