Wednesday 24 April 2013


In November 1986, coinciding with DOCTOR WHO's uncelebrated 23rd birthday, Golden Wonder (purveyors of assorted bag-based snacks) teamed-up with MARVEL UK to produce six in-pack WHO mini-comics reusing strips recently published in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE.

It's not obvious here (presumably because IPC's crappy print quality made photo reproduction a haphazard art) but each of the mini-comics (bagged in multi-packs) featured a photo cover.

The interiors weren't straight reprints: the strips appeared in colour for the first time and the art and scripts were reworked, notably to omit current companion Peri (presumably because her inclusion would have required extra payments to Nicola Bryant and the BBC.

This promotion was a considerable show of faith in the continued pulling-power of the show considering its lack of love within the Beeb itself during this tumultuous period.

This advert appeared in the EAGLE dated 22 November 1986.

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