Friday 19 April 2013


This is another blast (literally) from the Marvel UK archives: the launch issue of SAVAGE ACTION (A Marvel Monthly) from November 1980.

SA (which ultimately ran 15 issues to January 1982) was a "mature readers" title before anyone even knew what that meant.  The monthly pulled together the likes of The Punisher, Dominic Fortune, Moon Knight, Blade, The Black Widow, Man-Thing (again!), Man-God and Ka-zar ('savage' action, geddit?!?) from Marvel's US black & white magazines.

Amongst the reprints, the two standouts were the NIGHT RAVEN text stories which revived the character last seen (until the money ran out) in the pages of HULK COMIC and (beginning in the seventh issue) the text feature INSIDE COMICS.

The text stories demonstrated remarkable longevity and survived the cancellation of SA and continued, through a variety of titles, until the demise of CAPTAIN BRITAIN monthly.  Unlike the original NR strips (albeit decades ago), they've never been collected in book form.

Inside Comics was, as the title suggests, a regular text feature that appeared across the monthlies with a wandering brief to write about anything comics related that took the author's (including one Alan Moore) fancy.


  1. Funnily enough a day before you posted this blog about Savage Action #1 I decided to re-read this old mag again. It was one of MarvelUK's better monthlies. It should have lasted longer than it did.

    1. Aha! Great minds think alike!

      Unfortunately, I don't have a complete run (back issues don't seem to surface that often) so I only have a smattering of the later issues (including - I think - the last).

      I've just posted the concluding part of the Night Raven story from the second issue.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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