Tuesday 16 April 2013


STARLOG MAGAZINE issue 27 (October 1979 - see my previous post here) also featured this really nice eight-page pull-out supplement devoted to the just-cancelled BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Pre-internet, the episode guide would have been invaluable (especially for British readers who wouldn't start to see the show for another year) but its the side-bar articles on the merchandising (how awesome would that electronic Galactica have been?, the Marvel comic book (including some obvious - albeit honest - quotes from Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter) and the glossary of the show's space-aged lingo that are more fun.

The supplement was obviously prepared before ABC and Universal signed aboard for GALACTICA 1980 although it does show the studio was actively trying to drum-up business to get the show back into production.

The second overseas theatrical flick was, of course, MISSION GALACTICA: THE CYLON ATTACK although the specially-shot additional material was used in the syndicated TV movies instead.

The eight pages were printed on yellow paper but - to speed up the scanning process - I've made them black & white here.

I *think* the episode guide also appeared in the first STARLOG EPISODE GUIDE BOOK although its remarkably hard to come by (IE I don't have a copy to check!).

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