Monday 22 April 2013

1992: 2000AD ACTION SPECIAL (Fleetway)

The 2000AD ACTION SPECIAL was a neat 1992 one-shot that revived a number of pre-Tharg British comics heroes (Steel Claw, The Spider, Mytek the Mighty, Cursitor Doom, Kelly's Eye and Doctor Sin) by giving them a modern twist.

The special was produced and published on the assumption that the 1987 deal that saw Robert Maxwell buy IPC's comics business included the entire IPC/ Fleetway back-catalogue, assembled through the various mergers and acquisitions that built the IPC empire.  What nobody realised until after it went on sale was that Maxwell, in typical slapdash fashion, had actually only acquired the rights to the comics still running in 1987 and their own particular archives of strips and characters.  Anything earlier, and currently out-of-print, remained under the ownership of IPC.  Whoops.

Below are the covers and contents page, along with a nice four-page text feature (by Lew Stringer) with background on the characters featured therein.

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