Thursday 11 December 2014


From the Summer of 1975: a not-to-be-missed chance to see the touring PLANET OF THE APES stunt show as it romped its way around various outdoor shows and summer events.

Did anyone see it?  I have a mental image of a few pissed-off guys being made to ride around in hot-and-sweaty gorilla masks for the entertainment of undemanding under tens...

I wonder if more people saw the live POTA show or the underrated DOC SAVAGE movie....?


  1. ** BREAKING NEWS **


    Slow robot, it seems you were correct in your prediction that the fact of marvel regaining the star wars comic license would have an adverse effect on titan uk.

    The current issue of STAR WARS COMIC also appears to be the last and final issue. If so, it marks the end of an era and an incredible unbroken run of nearly 15 years between 1999 ( when the comic launched to co-incide with the release of THE PHANTOM MENACE.. ) and 2014.

    The big question now is : will titan re-launch with a new star wars title or will the comic transfer to a new publisher ( Panini being the most likely choice ) and will this have implications for STAR WARS INSIDER ? ( also published by titan )

    Always in motion the future is....

    1. Wowsa! I had not heard that. Very interesting news. As I said in the past... not much of a shocker but still a big change. Titan killed the Collectors Edition-format STAR WARS GALAXY (not to be confused with previous magazines of that title) so maybe that was an indicator of things to come (or, more likely, it just didn't sell very well).

      I like STAR WARS INSIDER (and the STAR TREK iteration) a lot (and both have had very long runs) but it does feel a little unloved these days. The amount of text-per-page has certainly dipped a lot compared with the past. A similar affliction plagued the Visual Imagination titles as they drifted towards cancellation. It would be a shame to see it go but a new publisher might reinvigorate it. I would be more concerned if Titan grabbed DWM from Panini...

      Incidentally, Titan have just published this year's STAR TREK and STAR WARS bookazine 'yearbooks'. They are on sale in branches of WHS now for £9.99 each. They are mostly (probably all) reprints from the regular magazines.

      The latest DWM mentions a DOCTOR WHO YEARBOOK (£5.99) to be published next week. Not much detail of the contents but the title probably speaks for itself.

  2. so far all we can do is speculate but a change in publisher seems likely.

    STAR WARS GALAXY was more adult orientated but the irony is that the more juvenile toned STAR WARS COMIC lasted much longer. It was re-named STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS COMIC at one point and then recently reverted to just STAR WARS COMIC.

    One aspect I always appreciated was the consistent numbering, altogether it ran to 7 volumes..

    You might be right about titan losing both franchises, it would be a seismic shift if it happened and I cant see them getting the dr who magazine license even if their comics division now publishes dr who.

    I managed to get the STAR WARS INSIDER SPECIAL...the editorial states that there are a few new articles mixed in with all the reprint material. and yes, I shall be picking up a copy of that dr who yearbook, looks very nice indeed.


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