Friday 5 December 2014

1993: KNIGHTS OF PENDRAGON House Ad (Marvel UK)

From January 1993: A MARVEL UK House Ad for the retooled KNIGHTS OF PENDRAGON (already ready retooled once for their 'Genesis 92' launch... and rebooted again within the year) ongoing book.

You can imagine the edict that led to this Alan Davis makeover: "Sales are bad... we need to make this look more like a superhero book!".  But I don't think this is anyone's finest hour.

The reboot had come, two months earlier, with the sixth issue.  This ad reuses the cover art from the eighth issue.  The title eventually clocked-up fifteen issues (three issues less than the 1990-91 run) before succumbing to the house clearing of the Genesis Implosion of late 1993. 

The Knights were one of the initial "Overkill Five" strips designed for publication on both sides of the Atlantic.  However, they were soon dropped from the UK fortnightly and only continued to appear in the US edition. 

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