Thursday 4 December 2014

1993: DEATH-WRECK and DEATH METAL House Ad (Marvel UK)

From November 1993: A MARVEL UK House Ad promoting two DEATH'S HEAD II spin-off/ knock-off books... DEATH-WRECK and DEATH METAL.  

I remember thinking at the time that things must be pretty desperate if they were cloning DHII and spinning-off more books... and that this couldn't last.  It turns out I was right.

The books themselves aren't bad but, by this point, Death's Head II was so over-exposed that we needed a bit of a rest... not two more similar characters.  Especially, as was often the case with the Genesis Books, there's always the sense that someone came up with the names first and then crafted a book and character around the title.  

Simon Furman created the original DEATH'S HEAD but had been shoved aside by the previous year's revamp.  

Both of these series ran for the designated four issues... which makes them amongst the last of the M-UK line to appear before the Genesis Massacre hit.  

Neither of these strips appeared in the UK line.  

The adds themselves are in the late-Genesis House Style of bizarre captions.  Presumably the top one is a dig at the Image guys.... naming no names. 

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  1. As I recall, of these two minis, it was specifically Death Metal #4 that was the latest issue published - very likely the final Marvel UK Genesis format publication, before the plug was pulled rather suddenly (but not really unexpectedly).


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