Sunday 14 December 2014

1983: RETURN OF THE JEDI Weekly Christmas Cover (Marvel UK)

From Christmas 1983: the festive front cover for MARVEL UK's RETURN OF THE JEDI issue 28.

This is the last week of STARLOGGED posts before Slow Robot takes his annual Christmas vacation so, throughout the week, I'll pepper in some festive fare alongside the usual wherever-the-mood-take-me stuff from the Starlogged vaults.  

This Bob Wakelin cover, worthy of an official Lucasfilm Christmas Card commission, was (as far as I can recall) the only time that M-UK ever did an overtly Christmas-themed cover on their SW comics.  CYRIL popped-up, in a Santa hat, on the front of the following year's Xmas week issue (issue 80) and it shuttered in the summer of 1986.  

In commendable attention to detail... look closely at the reflection in Darth's 'eye'. 

1 comment:

  1. Han Solo receives a gift from his 'Uncle Darth'? I hope he's only a nephew by marriage!


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