Thursday 18 December 2014

1987: STAR WARS 3-D COMIC Launch Ad (Blackthorne)

From 1987: an advert for the about-to-launch STAR WARS 3-D ongoing series (it managed three issues) from (masters of the third dimension... and How-to-draw books) Blackthorne.

Although it was celebrating its tenth anniversary (and an anniversary is always a good hook to drum up some business), the saga was all-but-moribund in 1987 (although I think the special celebratory issue of STARLOG might have reminded a lot of people how much they liked it) and Lucasfilm were finding it hard to get anyone terribly excited.  

Marvel had bowed-out of the comics franchise the previous year (although the two animated spin-offs continued) so it fell to an indie to keep the flame burning.

I had the first two of these (all three are now collected, along with a complete run of the Marvel UK SW strips, in a Dark Horse trade paperback... buy it now as it may go out-of-print now the license has returned to Marvel) at the time and I thought they were OK... although (despite the old-fangled visual technology) not really in the same league as the old Marvel stuff. 

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  1. a lovely ad for the understandably short lived blackthorne comic...the 3-d process meant it was almost impossible to read without special glasses ! The re-print in the dark horse trade is much easier on the eye.


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