Thursday 11 December 2014

US 1 Issue 1 (Marvel Comics)

From 1983: Another Marvel licensed property that never crossed the Atlantic... the first issue (and background text piece) of the US 1 series, based on a line of toy trucks from Tyco.  

The comic ran for the standard twelve issues before Marvel declined to renew the license for another year, depriving the world of the further adventures of Ulysses Stone (U.S to his friends... genius) Archer.

Presumably of principal appeal to those mourning the passing of Larson's BJ AND THE BEAR....


  1. Although they didn't own the title character, I believe the - Marvel-created and owned - villains from this series were later folded into Ghost Rider.

  2. Wow! I remember having this comic as a kid. I always loved that cover. This brings back so many memories.


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