Thursday 2 June 2016


From January 1987: Whatever happened to the Star Brand?

Regular readers of SPIDER-MAN AND ZOIDS probably weren't that shocked to see another change in back-up strips when Star Brand was jettisoned after a brief run. After all, they had already seen three other strips fill the "third slot: and also extended periods where the Spidey strip was extended to fill out the extra pages.

But Nic Cooper cared enough to fire off a letter to the London Bullpen... And received a pretty mature and sensible response. This harkens back to the Seventies when Marvel's editors still gave detailed (and occasionally verbose) responses to the points readers raised.

If Nic, or anyone else, still wants to know what happened next: Marvel have just published a trade paperback reprinting the first ten or so issues along with some supplementary material from MARVEL AGE MAGAZINE. But shop around as this isn't the first time the early issues have been collected in book form so you may be satisfied with an earlier outing... which might also be cheaper. A second volume, collecting the post-Shooter installments of what should have been the New Universe's headline series, is due in July and will feature previously unreprinted material from the end of the run.

This page originally appeared in SPIDER-MAN AND ZOIDS issue 44.

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