Monday 20 June 2016


From June 1998: the first issue of LIGHTSPEED, another UK genre mag, launched (and swiftly closed) in the pre-millennial magazine boom.

This one, from Roma Publishing, clocked up four issues before closing at the end of the year. Maybe LOST IN SPACE wasn't the smartest movie to feature on the first cover (although SFX survived TANK GIRL).

The contents were a bit more quirky with the opportunity to make your own robot as well as a retrospective (the STARLOGGED one is much better. Nuff said) of MARVEL UK.

I was underwhelmed with the launch issue back in the day and I don't think I picked up any of the subsequent issues in the brief run.

It was published by Roma Publishing and edited by Chris Martin.

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  1. slow, you are like the proverbial magician pulling goodies from his top hat.

    there seems to have been no end to SF mags from that era. I found the Gillian Anderson issue on ebay and I must say the contents looked very nice.

    Btw you can see my letter on the late Gareth Thomas in the new issue of STARBURST.

    Hard to believe the tragic news about Anton Yelchin.



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